The Eurolux automotive Mixing system is our Basecoat and Acrylic Topcoat system containing 64 pigments with many car formulations including solid, metallics, pearls and xirallic. The pigments have very clean and bright colors with high weather and UV resistance.
The Basecoat is high efficient due to shorter spraying and drying times. Fast drying properties even in cold temperatures.
Compared with other automotive systems, the Eurolux system has a stronger pigmentation. The Basecoats and Topcoats have a strong coverage, even with difficult colors, like red, yellow and xirallic.
After mixing the pigments in the transparent basecoat, the client can still add 80 till 100% thinner to make the basecoat spray-ready. By using less material, the client gains an additional cost saving advantage.
The system consists of a large number recipes and is updated every month with the newest car colour formulations.
Thanks to the very accurate formulations and the easily applicable pigments it is possible to make very small quantities from 50 ml.